I am a sinner saved by grace, husband to Melissa for 9 years, and father of two girls, Chloe (4) and Celeste (2).  Much of my personal blogging will be reflections on my struggles and insights as both a father and a husband – the two most important jobs I have, and the ones which will impact time and eternity long beyond any other position in which I work.  Personally, we have four pets: Christoff and Cosette (dogs), Sophie (cat), and Oliver (rabbit).  My hobbies include reading, hiking, cycling, kayaking, hanging out with family, photography, technology, music, and just generally being outside.

Over the years I developed a love of reading, but lately seemed to have fallen out of the habit.  In an effort to re-engage with this personal love of mine I began reviewing books on my blog.  I post book reviews periodically as I finish books, or as I have a particular insight or revelation as I’m reading a book.  Most (if not all) of the books reviewed will be non-fiction, particularly in the realm of Christian Living, Family Living, or even Theology.

Professionally my resume is a little varied: I have served in the public school system since 1999 in many capacities, as a church music director, and the music director for a community choir.  For the last couple of years I had five different blogs – all to reflect a different position or portion of my personality.  Because of the difficulty of keeping up with five blogs I have now combined all of those into one place.

I began my professional teaching full time in November of 1999.  Since then I have served as a teacher and/or administrator at four different schools.  I began my career teaching music to elementary students at an inner-city school in Southeast Florida.  I had over 900 students and taught general music, handbells, and chorus (including producing student musicals) to students in kindergarten through sixth grade.  It was there I first got introduced to the World Music Drumming curriculum.  After four years I left Florida and moved to eastern North Carolina where I spent four years teaching music at a middle school (6th-8th grade).  My classes consisted of (over my time there) chorus, general music, guitar, and orchestra.  My general music class was the recipient of multiple grants, which allowed me to implement the World Music Drumming curriculum there as well.  I worked closely with a colleague developing the Bulldog Beat program, which was detailed in a publication in the May, 2007 edition of Educational Leadership.

Beginning in the summer of 2007 I transitioned from teaching full time to the world of school administration.  I served four years as the assistant principal in two middle schools, and I was one of three new administrators brought on to my most recent school to serve as part of a turn-around team.  During the summer of 2011 I moved again to be the new central office coordinator filling a couple of different roles, but the one I enjoy the most is helping teachers improve their instruction by planning, developing, and implementing professional development.

Another component of my life is my work in church leadership positions.  I served five years as the co-music director (partnering with my wife) of Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Greenville and, in the summer of 2008, I transitioned to become the new part-time Director of Music at Landmark Baptist Church.  I continue my work at Landmark and my responsibilities there include conducting the choir, leading worship, and planning and over-seeing the music program as a whole.  In the summer of 2011 I was also appointed the Music Director for the Beaufort County Choral Society, and I look forward to serving in that role beginning in August of 2011!

While I won’t share specific stories on this blog of issues from any of my positions, I believe it’s important for you to understand the background from which I write.



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