Thanksgiving 2013

Every year I post a list of what I’m Thankful for – so here’s my list for this year (if you want to see previous years’ lists, you can find them here (2008), here (2009), here (2010), here (2011), and here (2012).  As always, these are in no particular order except when it comes into my mind as I write – and names have been omitted so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings.

My family (including my wife and kids), giggling girls and tickle wars, time spent in front of the fire, Mario Bros Wii, playing games with the girls, pizza, pancakes, french toast, my job, colleagues at work I enjoy working with, friends both near and far, our new church, Star Trek, Tolkien, free books for blogging, Gary Thomas, AP, CO, JE, our small group, second chances, grace, promises fulfilled, hope for the future, a home we can all our own, heated mirrors on the van, air in the car, power locks and power windows (that actually work), Christoff, Cosette, and Sophie (our pets :)), a new TV, All Things Apple (sorry, still not thankful for Windows and definitely not thankful for Google), WordPress, Megastuff Oreos, chocolate (especially white and dark), Washington DC (though perhaps not all its occupants), freedom, the right to vote, Facebook friends (even if I do disagree with their politics on occasion), UNC, my profs, semester breaks, finished papers, good grades, Heaven, ultimate healing, that both my girls love Jesus, a vision for discipleship, the leadership team, AR, KS, friends for my girls, digital photography (especially B&W), electricity, a new washer and dryer, snuggling, unlimited data, Netflix, pillows, Target, gas start for the fireplace, the swing set, bicycles, shoes, birthdays, weekend breakfasts, Red Robin, classmates, good conversations, blogs, Twitter, successful conferences, sweaters, sweatshirts, family movie nights, great in-laws, cheap gas, extended family, my girls learning to read, my daughters’ teacher, forgiveness, mercy, warning tickets (instead of the real thing!), safe travel every week to Chapel Hill, cheap parking, going for a walk in the snow with the dog, there’s only 3 more years left, that God is in control, insurance, the rocking chair, PODS, fall leaves, seasons, snow, the mountains, the annual beach trip, gas stove, dishwashers, microwaves, a new Walmart, Amazon, ebooks, Zotero, Adobe Acrobat (the full version!), iAnnotate, Candy Crush, Angry Birds, family vacations, road trips, caves, watching my girls experience something exciting for the first time, freebies, teddy bears, zoos, rose bushes, flowers at the grocer stores, bandaids, doctors, asthma medication, days off, ES, NMD, CG, mended relationships, organizational healing, transparency, the Cross, the Resurrection, John Eldridge, podcasts, backpacks, digital cameras, brownies, ice cream, Sweet Frog, chocolate chip cookies (especially when they are warm), surprise lunches and family visits, my brothers, nieces, nephews, my sister (even though she’s in Heaven), MK, MC, ICs, Jim Knight, professional learning, ASCD, Learning Forward, Lysol, NyQuil, hot tea, Caribou Coffee’s Snow Drifts, Haagan-Daas, South Point, Dad has finally seen the light and bought a Mac, lawnmowers, hot tubs, waterfalls, hikes in the mountain, the ability to read, sci-fi, questions (whether or not they are answered), learning, the ability to think and reason, music, kids, The Bible, my choir (and it’s members, not to mention that hot accompanist!),  getting to work with my wife, digital movies, iTunes, airplanes, Christmas, Easter, laptops, Evernote, Skitch, the ability to type, being able to ride a bike, going for walks around the neighborhood, playing at the park, paper plates, picnics, state parks, national parks, Gilbert & Sullivan (still!), parades, buy-two-get-three-free sales at HT, trips to Chicago, EP, DP, blankets, warm sheets in the winter, potty-trained children, music lessons, growth, safety nets, warm socks, slippers, bird feeders (so we can watch the birds), trips without flat tires, seeing deer on the way home from class, kayaks and canoes, time spent on the river, ceiling fans, no-iron shirts, hangers, pencils (erasers even more so), pens, colored markers, Jot Point, marriages that last, mentors, legos, the Holy Spirit, Olive Tree, accountability, encouragement, electricity, the printing press, my health, doctors for when we’re sick, medicine, family time.

I’m sure I forgot something, but this is good for now….  What about you?  What are you thankful for?


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