An Interview with Ian Acheson (Part II)

Today is the second part of my interview with Ian Acheson, author of the book Angelguard.  To read the first part of the interview please visit yesterday’s post.  And don’t forget to check back here tomorrow for my review of his book Angelguard.  

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TF:  Welcome back, Ian!  Yesterday we focused more on getting to know you a little bit as a writer, so today I want to look specifically at your new book, Angelguard….What was the hardest part of writing Angelguard?

IA: Creating multi-layered characters.  I’ve still got lots to learn in this area and it continues to be a challenge as I work through the follow-up to Angelguard.

TF: Speaking of your characters, where did you find your inspiration for your characters?

IA: No single source. My reading obviously helps. I think most authors are great observers. Having my moleskin ever handy is vital as I go about my day.

I find the gaming world (Playstation, etc) a great place for good demons. I’m not a gamer at all but posters and such for new games are great for stirring my imagination.

TF: Do you have a favorite character in Angelguard?  Least favorite?

IA: Jack would be my favourite. He has a lot of qualities I admire. I don’t think I have a least favourite. Sure I wouldn’t choose to spend time with some of those demons, but it’s hard not to appreciate characters that one’s brought to life on paper.

TF: Let’s talk a little about the process of writing… How has the research for and the writing of this Angelguard affected you in any way?

IA: What became clear to me quite late in the piece was that Angelguard is God’s story and He asked me to write it.  Why? I’m not exactly sure but as you’ll see on my blog, Angelguard took 10+ years to evolve. That journey (sorry for the cliché) mirrored my return to a deeper relationship with the Lord. For that, I’m forever grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to write Angelguard.

TF: You mentioned you’ve been working on this book for over a decade – what did you learn from writing Angelguard?

IA: Plenty, including the above aspect about characters. It was through the process of writing Angelguard that I learnt to write. I was fortunate to have the services of two wonderful editors, both of whom taught me how to write and self-edit. In the 10 years it took to produce Angelguard, there’s been a lot of editing and re-writing.

TF: So what can we expect from you in the future?  Any new projects?

IA: I’m presently working on book 2 in the series. The series is “The Chronicles of the Angelguard” and book 2 is titled “Wrestling with Shadows”. In this novel I explore the battleground for where spiritual warfare is conducted: the human heart. Some of the key human and supernatural characters will return. But it will introduce a few new ones including a particularly well-connected couple who have revenge on their minds.

I also try to write blog posts twice a week. I’m new to blogging so these take me a reasonable about of time to produce as I seek to establish my blogging voice.

I do want to give a special thanks again to Ian for agreeing to participate in this interview – especially since it took place over email and I’m trying to edit the wording and arrangement of the questions here to make it seem a little more natural!  If you want to check out his blog, it can be found at

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for my review!


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