My 2012 Thanksgiving List

So here’s my annual list of things I’m thankful for.  Some of these are probably obvious to you, others probably seem silly, and some are (hopefully) profoundly significant.  To protect the innocent I will not list last names when referring to people, so if your name by chance appears on the list assume it’s you, unless of course you don’t want to be on my list and then you can assume it’s someone else with the same name :).  These are listed in no particular order except with which they come to mind, so reading this list may give you an insight into how my mind works…  With no further delay, here’s my 2012 list.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Melissa, Chloe, and Celeste; my parents; my in-laws; my brothers (and sister); family. Christoff & Cosette; Sophie.  Victor Hugo (yes, the author), Les Miserables, free books, Twitter (though I’m still having mixed feelings about Facebook), reconnecting with old friends, my iPad, streaming Netflix, The X-Files, snuggling on the couch with my sweetie and watching a movie, wood-burning fires, camping, tree-climbing, kayacks, cycling, hiking in the mountains (though I haven’t done it in awhile); Oreos (the double-stuffed variety), Caribou Coffee (not for coffee but for their milk chiller things – if a drink were sinful these would be it!), grilled cheese sandwiches, the Meat House, steaks, paintings over the fireplace, a job I love, schools (both those I attend and those I serve), my education, the ability to read, washing machines and dryers, dishwashers, power steering, cruise control, a moonroof, convertibles (even though I don’t have one), dreams, hope, trials that pointed me back to Christ, salvation, hope, the Holy Spirit, a new church home, friends from “old” churches, free text books available from libraries, Chegg, Target (but not Walmart), Apple, the 27” Thunderbolt display, “The Beast”, Apple TV, the iPhone, Blup-rays, a house, a home, family vacations (even if they are to the beach), my choir, music, Redbox, completed papers, great co-workers (including the boss), prayer, my Bible, freedom, the right to choose to go to church, Swiss Gear, long-sleeve T-shirts on cool fall days, snow, colored leaves, cool weather, tea (both hot and iced but definitely not sweet), freebies, teaching the girls to ride a bike, watermelon, pictures (both paper and digital), decreased cholesterol, swing sets, parks, catching up with out of town friends at a soccer game, the faith to believe God is in control, the teachers who taught me to dig-in to the Bible, parents who taught me to love the Word, safe travel, UNC (since they’re taking all my money :)), quiet evenings, busy days, Daddy-daughter dates, Daddy-days, impromptu ballet recitals, tea-parties, breakfast in bed, “Daddy, I love you all the time”, joy, chocolate-chip dippers from Trader Joe’s, hot chocolate (particularly if it’s white peppermint), Häagen-Dazs, buy-2-get-3-free sales (especially on ice cream), music in worship (even if it is often too loud), early-morning mens’ Bible study, Cracker Barrel, chicken-nuggins, pep’roni pizza, movie nights, family game night, watching the girls play the Wii, rocking chairs, story time, devotions, praying with others, hearing Celeste pray, Awana, flowers that bloom, grass to mow, power lawnmowers, a car to drive, falling gas prices, weekends away with my sweetie, special dinners in, coming home every day, “DAAAAADDDDDYYYY!”, unlimited data on my cell phone, sermon podcasts, Pastor Chris, air conditioning (at home and in the car), gas furnace, ceiling fans, electricity, microwaves, a gas stove, grilling out, camp fires, my guitar (even though I don’t play it often), singing “Fruit of the Spirit”, body pillows, hard-wood floors, power windows, a risen savior (is there any other kind?), forgiveness, grace, second chances (and thirds, fourths, fifths…..), having people who believe in me, baseball caps, transition lenses, eye glasses, sleeping in, changed perspectives, warm sheets, leaves to rake, afternoon naps, days off work, Pixar movies, super heroes, Revenge (about the only show I make time to watch every week), trash pickup, clean water, hot water, hot showers, shampoo-and-conditioner in one, health insurance, loans paid off, power razors, homemade cookies, frozen yogart from Peppermints, BrrrBerry, YoPop, or even Sweet Frog, shoes for my feet, Facetime, pianos, Pandora, Mahler symphonies, snuggle-time with the girls.

So that’s just a short list – how about you?  What are you thankful for?


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