“Who Makes You Brave?”

Today around 11:45 I was sitting down eating lunch with some coworkers, just getting ready to start a meeting, when I glanced over and saw “911 – call my cell phone now” pop up on my phone.  I picked up the phone, called Melissa, and within about 20 minutes was sitting inside the ER at the local hospital.  Long story short, Chloe, our five-year-old, had fallen and broken her arm.

While we were in the ER (for several hours), there was one person in particular who would come into the room and chat with Chloe (can’t remember her title, but basically she was a child-care support worker who tried to explain what the nurses and doctors were going to do, and help keep Chloe calm and help her understand everything).  At one point Melissa, myself, and this lady were all complementing Chloe on how well she was doing, how brave she was, and just, overall, trying to keep her in good spirits.  The worker then asked, “So, Chloe, who makes you brave?  Your mom?  Your dad?”  Chloe looked at her and said, “Jesus.”

Not sure anything else today much mattered.

Psalm 8:2a: “From the lips of children and infants
you have ordained praise[a]


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