Book Review: Praying with the Grain by Dr. Pablo Martinez (Blog Tour)

Every once in awhile I read a book and have the thought, “Every person needs to read this book.”  And once in a blue moon I read a book and have the thought, “Every leader needs to read this book.”  But very rarely do I have both thoughts at once – but this book is an exception.  Put simply, Praying with the Grain is a book every Christian needs to read and every church leadermust read.  It’s not only that good, it’s that important.

Praying with the Grain examines prayer through the lens of personality types.  Dr. Martinez, a Christian counselor, uses the personality types established by Carl Jung and explains how one’s personality impacts how that person prays.  It examines strengths and weakness of prayer for each type, offering suggestions for people with specific personalities to strengthen their prayer.  His whole premise is that three factors have an impact on prayer: temperament, personality, and circumstances.  He argues, quite convincingly, that the first two are permanent and linked to our character (who we are as people) while the final one changes as life changes.

All I can say is go get this book and read it.  It has had a profound impact on my understanding of prayer and it’s helped me adjust how I pray as well as better understand why I struggle with certain aspects of prayer.  This is absolutely one of the most influential books I’ve ever read and deserves a shining 5/5 stars.



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