Website Updated!

Today I have spent some time updating and refining the blog – and I hope you all find it easier on the eyes.   One complaint I had with the last theme was that it was “too busy”, not to mention it was difficult to find past blog posts.  In activating the new theme I’m trying to remedy those concerns.

One thing you’ll notice is that I’ve cleaned up the menu a little bit.  Since I no longer write weekly choir devotionals, I have placed all devotionals under “Spiritual Reflections”.  I’ve also added a new category entitled “Church Search” – this is where I’m blogging about our current search for a new church home.  Finally, I’ve redirected the “Education” link to point directly to my professional blog, Success for Every Child, which is 100% education-focused.

I’ll be tweaking more things over the next couple of days, but these are the main changes you should see.  Below is a poll if you’d like to share your opinion.  I have also added it on the right-hand side of the screen in case you want to vote later on.

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