The Faith of a Child

I pray that God gives me the level of faith that my children have!  A couple of weeks ago we realized Celeste was having difficulty hearing us, so we scheduled a doctor’s appointment and had her hearing checked.  After a visit to the pediatrician’s office we discovered that she has 100% hearing loss in one ear (for the record, we’ve now been to the specialist and it is 100% reversible, so don’t go freaking out on me!)

Anyway… The day we first found out we decided to have a chat with Chloe after dinner to let her know that Celeste may have trouble hearing her at times because one of her ears “isn’t working so good” (we didn’t go into a whole lot of detail – she is only four).  But here’s the point of this entire story… Chloe looks at Melissa and I, and with the most matter-of-fact tone says, “Well, we just need to pray for Jesus to heal Lestee’s ear. He can do that.  He has the power.  We just need to ask him.”  Then she walked away and started to play in her kitchen.

Yea, it really was that blunt and that simple.  Why didn’t I think of that?

No pun intended, but “He who has ears, let him hear” comes to mind… Why is it we adults (translation: I) allow so much to muddy our view of God?  Why is it we (translation: I) can’t just see God for who he is?  Why is it that we (translation: I) get so worried and bent out of shape by what, in the scope of eternity, is really a minor issue?  Chloe not only didn’t let this news destroy her day, but, more importantly, she knew why it didn’t need to destroy her day: Jesus was watching out for her sister, which meant she didn’t have to.

Oh to have the faith of a child.


One thought on “The Faith of a Child

  1. Chloe’s childlike faith is an example for all of us “adult believers” to follow – simple, direct, matter-of-fact and refreshing – and not clouded by worry, fear and what-ifs… Thanks for sharing this insight – another great reminder that “a little child shall lead them”…
    Love you,

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