Book Review: Muscular Faith by Ben Patterson

Have you ever dreaded a book?  I mean, really dreaded opening a book?  I wish I could say that wasn’t the case with Muscular Faith, but for me it was.  For those who follow my blog you’ve noticed I haven’t posted a book review in quite some time – and, unfortunately, that’s for a good (or not so good) reason: the current book I’ve been reading for review for the past three months has been a bear to pickup and read.

So I finally decided I’m not going to finish reading it.  I actually made it about 40% of the way through the book – further than I would go on a book I didn’t like (normally I give it between 10-20%), but since I was reading this to review I felt some moral obligation to finish it.  But my moral obligation ended when I found I wasn’t reading anything because I felt so tied down to reading this book (to review it), but then I didn’t want to read it so I just avoided it.  That’s not fair to me or the rest of my library – so I stopped.

It’s not that Muscular Faith was bad in terms of it’s theology or content – it was just a bear to read.  Ben Patterson had some great things to say in the book – I even underlined a few spots here and there – but for whatever reason I just couldn’t deal with his style.  In short, I always felt like I was being yelled at by a football coach instead of being instructed, guided, mentored, or counseled by an advisor.  I’m going to give this book 1/5 stars, but to be fair let’s remember I didn’t read the entire thing.

For the record, I was given a free copy of the book by the publisher for an honest (and not necessarily favorable) review.


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