A Glimpse of Heaven

Sea World is the coolest place on Earth – and I’m not ashamed to tell you that every time I visit I am brought to tears during the shows. This past week we visited my in-laws in Florida and were priviledged to visit Sea World for a day. I fed dolphins, watched the dolphin and Shamu shows, went on roller coasters, and played with the girls in the oh-so-cool climbing area.

While we were watching the dolphin show I began asking myself why it always brings me to tears, and I think part of it is that I am a nature person – it is one of the strongest ways I sense God’s presence and commune with him. And every time I watch one of the shows I am filled with a sense of hope – hope that things will all turn out in the end for those who love God (and we know it will)

Perhaps this is where it comes from, though…. As I sit and witness how the trainers interact with the dolphins I find myself wanting to do what they do – swim with them, play with them, communicate with them. And I have to believe that we were originally intended to all do what these trainers do – but then the fall happened and now “all creation” is groaning to be set free from the consequences of sin. And then I think of the promise in Revelation of a new Heaven and a new Earth and I can’t help but believe that in the restored Earth we will all live in a world where everything will be as it once was. I know there is nothing in scripture that promises we’ll swim with dolphins or ride zebras across the plains, but it does promise the “lion will lay with the lamb,” and if that’s possible then why not swimming with dolphins?

Maybe my sense of hope and my tears when I witness these shows are nothing short of a divine nudge from a holy God saying, “You think this is good? Wait till you see what I have planned for you – this is just a taste, just a glimpse, of what is to come – and when you see it, it is gonna blow your mind!”

And the only response I’ll have will be the same one I have now: praise and thanksgiving.


2 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Heaven

  1. I so agree with your thoughts, Tom. Thank you for taking the time to share with others what God is speaking to you. We cannot even comprehend the wondrous place – heaven – that God has prepared for us. There will be no looking back or longing for this earthly world which is only our temporary dwelling place.

    Love you, Mom

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