Thanksgiving List 2011 (4.8)

Every year I create a new list of what I’m thankful for, so since this is our last rehearsal before Thanksgiving here’s this year’s list.  As always, this is in no particular order, and if I’ve left something off know that this is not ALL I’m thankful for, it’s just what will fit on the page.  Having been doing this exercise for several years, I can tell you that this exercise is invaluable in redirecting my focus back towards the giver of everything, and I would strongly encourage you to try it yourself.  Some of the things on my list are big, some or little, and some are a little strange (you may not understand them all since some you had to be there to get) – but for everything here I am thankful.  One disclaimer – since some people get offended if they are accidentally left off a list like this, there are no names, just initials – that way I know who they are, but no one else does (and if they’re your initials you don’t know if it’s you or someone else with the same initials!).

Christ, God’s faithfulness, my family, the girls, Cosette, Christoff, a house and a home, a job, my job, new washers and dryers, electricity, friends, walks in the woods, fall leaves, snow days, swimming in the summer, a week at the “beach house”, the mountains, parmesan crusted baked red drum (that stuff is good!), triple-decker Oreos, double stuff-Oreos, chocolate-Oreo ice cream, Peppermints, the iPhone, a computer (even though it ain’t a Mac), Macs, Evernote, iPad, sermons on my iPod, GPS-enabled tracking when I go hiking, the kayak, seeing dolphins on the water, state parks, health insurance, allergy medicine, a car that runs (even when the window doesn’t work), air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter, wood-burning fireplaces, campfires, insurance companies, a roof over my head, wireless mice, really-cool-presenter-tools, traveling for business, coming home, home-cooked meals, pizza, chocolate cake with chocolate icing, good health, healing, healthy children and family members, Mom and Dad, brothers and sisters (even those in heaven), the cross, the empty tomb, the ability to read, the printing press, Friday morning Bible study before work, surprise trips to Dunkin’ Donuts, kids-eat-free at Chik-fila, kids-eat-free deals, buy-one-get-one-free, buy two-get-three free ice creams, great co-workers, pets, play-houses, running in the open field, watching the girls play together, snuggling on the couch, free books, music, guitars, pianos, listening to my wife play the piano, violin lessons, knowing how to type, Twitter (though the jury is still out on Facebook), WordPress, a new camera, support from family and friends, forgiveness, second chances, third chances, fourth chances, un-deserved chances, grace, dish washers (any kind that doesn’t involve me standing over the sink and washing dishes), our great baby sitters, learning, “I love you, Daddy”, “DAAAAAADDDDDDYYYYYYYY!!!!!”, marriage, rocking chairs (especially when they’re shared with my daughters), Baby Girl, Little Girl, Sweetie, RSC, KS, P&BL, AP, DP, MC, CO, SJ, SM, M&GK, B&LF, people to talk to, friends and family who answer the phone whenever, weekends-away on a house boat, JW, SB & MP coming to check on me, hearing “Well done!”, J&MD, lunch out with friends, CG, great neighbors (who share chainsaws and swap babysitting!), BCCS, “Mama-hugs” when mama is away, SINET, a good mechanic, trust (given and received), picnics, Cook Out shakes, a good home-made cheeseburger, grilling out, selling old stuff on eBay, a self-propelled lawn mower, swing sets, hammocks, faith, living in a country where I can openly share my faith, the right to vote, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, sunny days, rain, trials (even though they’re difficult) because they cause me to grow, paper, new paint on the wall, laser printers, a good relationship with my in-laws, trips to SLC, air planes, wood decks, hot tubs, pools, Excedrin migraine medicine, file cabinets (even if they are unorganized), LCD projectors, Prezi, working for a good boss, dead roaches, hope, salvation, prayer (and the right to pray), people praying for me, people for whom to pray, sub-jobs, students, Windows (only because it shows how wonderful a Mac is!), three-ring binders, pens and pencils, paper clips, Post-It notes (especially the ones in the fan-fold dispensers), a good chair to sit in, furniture, DVR, the Bible, afternoon naps, and teddy bears.

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