A Bedtime Experience to Remember

Last night was one of those nights God decided to speak to me and teach me something through a two year old.  I’ll be honest and say that some of my readers may find this story unbelievable, or try to explain it away in a non-supernatural way, but I’ll just start by saying that if you feel that way I just see it a little differently…

Last night after Awana I brought the girls home while Melissa went out with a friend for some girl-bonding-time (whatever it is women do when they go out!)  I was putting my girls to bed and had both in my lap after reading a story and we prayed and then rocked.  You need to understand that lately Celeste has really been struggling with the transition from the rocking chair to the bunk bed – she wants to rock, but then she wants in her bed, then she wants out of bed to rock again, then she wants me to lay with her… You get the drift.  Anyway, I’ve been trying to train her than once she says she’s done rocking and is ready to go to bed then she can’t decided to get back in my lap again.  Last night we prayed and then were rocking, and after a few minutes Celeste said, “I’m ready for bed” and went to get down.  I said, “Are you sure you’re ready, because once you get in bed you have to stay there.”  She said yes and jumped down out of my lap.   This is a pretty normal evening routine for us, but then she walked only two or three steps and stopped.  She looked at me and said, “Daddy, I want more rock.” and came back.  Since I had told her that once she gets in bed she can’t get back in my lap I decided to not fight with her and let her back in my lap (something told me I needed to let her sit in my lap again).

Then she said, “Daddy, I no want horse get me.”  I said, “You don’t want the horse to get you?”  “No, Daddy, I no want horse get me.  I want pink pillow.  Pink pillow keep horse away.”  I wasn’t sure what she was talking about, so I looked over and Chloe’s toy horse (which was pink) was on the floor under the dresser.  I said, “Are you talking about that horse?  You don’t want Chloe’s horse to get you?”  “No, Daddy, I no want black horse get me.”  I said, “The black horse?  I don’t see a black horse.”  “No, Daddy, I don’t want black horse get me.  I want pink pillow.  Pink pillow keep black horse away.”

Chloe then said, “She’s talking about her rocking horse in the shed.”  (which is blue, not black).  I said, “Celeste, are you talking about the rocking horse?”  “NO, Daddy, I no want BLACK horse get me.”  Then I started hearing these questions come to my mind to ask her….  “Sweetie, do you see a black horse?”  “Yes, Daddy.  I no want Black Horse get me.”  “Where do you see the black horse, Celeste?”  “Right there, Daddy.  I know want Black Horse get me.”  And she pointed towards the ceiling fan and was staring up there.  “Celeste, do you see a black horse up there by the fan?”  “Yes Daddy, I no want Black Horse get me.”

At this point I could hear all sorts of thoughts in my head – it was like the Holy Spirit was giving me the questions to ask Celeste up to this point, and then I heard in my head this thought that said, “Children can often see things that you can not.  Trust her.”  So I said to Celeste, “Celeste, do you want to pray for Jesus to take the black horse away?”  “Yes, Daddy, pray Jesus make Black Horse go away.  I no want Black Horse get me.”  Mind you, the entire time this conversation was going on she kept looking up at the ceiling where she had pointed to the fan and then back at me.

So we prayed.  We prayed that Jesus would make the Black Horse go away.  We claimed his power and blood over our house, over the room, over the girls, and we told the Black Horse that he was not welcome at our house and that in the name of Jesus he needed to leave.  After we finished praying I looked at Celeste and said, “Do you feel better now?”  and she replied “Yes”.  Then she turned her gaze away from me and looked straight at the fan (where she had kept pointing to) and her face lit up with a HUGE grin and she said (practically shouted), “Daddy!  Black Horse Gone!  Where Black Horse go?”  “I don’t know, sweetie, but he’s left.  Jesus made him leave because we asked him to keep us safe.”  She said, “But where Black Horse GO?”  “Outside, sweetie, Jesus made him go outside.  Do you feel better now?”  “Yes.  Maybe Jesus send Black Horse to see Bullseye” (the horse from Toy Story!)

Now I know some people will say this was all just an over-active imagination, and perhaps it was.  But want I want to communicate is that Celeste doesn’t have a developed imagination like this – she doesn’t have imaginary friends (at least not yet), and she doesn’t make-believe with anyone but herself – the most she’ll do is rock Baby Doll to sleep or give Baby Doll a bottle, but she never has imaginary stories like this (Chloe on the other hand, she likes to imagine all sorts of stuff – and I LOVE that she does it!).  Can I say with 100% certainty that there was an unwelcome, evil spirit that had entered the room for some unknown reason?  Let me put it this way – after we prayed, not only did Celeste all of a sudden light up and calm down (and go to sleep very easily and quickly), but there was a sense of peace in the room that I can only describe as the presence of God.

Listen to your kids.  And listen to what they say.  More importantly, listen to what God is saying through them or to you in regards to them.  Was there really a black horse in the room?  I don’t know – but I do believe there was SOMETHING and the only words Celeste knew to describe what she saw was to call it a “horse”.  What was wonderful to me, though, is that while she was uncomfortable (which was obvious in how she acted), she trusted me and she believed that prayer was going to help us.

I do want to mention that when Chloe was little there were similar (though not identical) situations.  Sometimes she’d tell me she was afraid of the dark and wanted me to pray that Jesus would help her not be scared.  She told me there was nothing specific about the dark she was scared of, just that she was scared and wanted me to pray to Jesus to help her not be scared.  We would pray, and then we talked about the fact that she can even pray without me – so that if she woke up in the middle of the night and Daddy wasn’t there next to her she could pray to Jesus and Jesus would help her.  Sometimes she’d wake up in the middle of the night and call me and I’d go in there and we’d pray together, but eventually one night she prayed by herself (with me in the room), and then as she got older one day I asked her if she got scared in the dark and she told me “No, Jesus keeps me safe and if I get scared I just pray to him and he makes me not scared.”

For the record, this morning I asked Melissa if she had recently been reading any stories about black horses or if the girls had watched any shows lately with black horses.  The answer was “No.”

The faith of a child.  Would that we could see the world as it really is.  Thank you, Father, for giving my daughters eyes to see what you want them to see.  Thank you for giving them courage to speak up, for trust to share, and for faith to believe.


One thought on “A Bedtime Experience to Remember

  1. Bless you, Tom, for following God’s promptings to further question Celeste about the black horse and then pray with authority for it to be gone, in Jesus’ name. “Our struggle is not against flesh and blood but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.” Maybe sometime in the future you’ll want to share putting on the whole armour of God with your girls. Terry and I have memorized Eph. 6:10-17 and speak it often in our devotional times. You are using these experiences to build faith and trust into their lives. You are such a loving, wise and discerning father – and husband.
    Praying for you,

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