Beautiful Outlaw Blog Tour: Day 1

Okay, I am SOOOOOO excited about this.  John Eldredge, one of my favorite authors, has authored a new book entitled Beautiful Outlaw, which is a look at the life of Christ.  According to both and the book will be released on October 12.  But I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy for review as part of an online blog tour.

So here’s the deal: for the next 9 days (every day leading up to the release of the book) a different blogger will write about a chapter in the book.  My official post won’t happen until October 10 (I’ve been assigned chapter #12), but each day I’ll put the link to that day’s blog.  Today’s the first day and you can find the first stop on the blog tour at Life Is Story.  Enjoy reading – and check back every day for the latest site, and don’t forget to come back on October 10 to read my thoughts on the book.


One thought on “Beautiful Outlaw Blog Tour: Day 1

  1. Thanks for sharing about thisTom. I did post the link on my wall but not sure if I read the blogger comment. We’re so proud of you!

    Love you,

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