Grace Offered and Grace Received (4.2)

For the past year or so a good friend of mine has been preparing to adopt a child from Russia.  For almost a year he chronicled the journey and process for friends and family all over the country on a blog dedicated to her adoption.  To make a long story short, the process fell through and, after nine months of preparations, the child was actually adopted by another family.

Then, out of the blue (at least to them), they were given a second chance at adoption and recently brought home their daughter.  Recently he shared his story on a new blog.  Because it was so powerful I wanted to share part of what he read with others.  Enjoy – and if you want to read the entire bog entry visit his blog.

9 months ago we began preparing for [a daughter].  While the face was not the same, the foundation was being laid in our hearts to open our home to our little girl.  God perfectly orchestrated things so that when we needed to jump, we were ready.  Had our paperwork processed any faster or our travel to Russia happened on our timeline, we would have missed being a part of such a tremendous testimony of God’s faithfulness.  This baby girl was fighting for her life and while we knew nothing about her, God was preparing us for her.  Through His awesome sovereignty he spared her life.  Through his amazing craftsmanship, he knit her together in her mother’s womb…As we visited with the birth mother she shared the meaning behind the baby’s given name.  It was then that we discovered that our baby would have grown up in a Muslim home.  For us, being Christians, that has significant meaning.  She could have lived her entire life without hearing the Gospel.  I am so completely and utterly humbled by God’s Divine hand on this little girl’s life already.  He has given us a tremendous opportunity to be a part of His plan.  In our home, not only will her physical needs be met but we will be given the chance to point her to the God who can meet her spiritual needs as well.  It is not in our own power that she can be saved but only by the God who knit her together, brought her into this world and kept her in the palm of His hand.

Since we began this journey almost a year ago, everyone told us that Adoption is a “glimpse of the Gospel in action.”  I don’t think I really understood that until now.  In theory it made sense.  However, seeing it in action, really brought it home, if you’ll excuse the pun.  He chose us for her family.  He chose to place her in our home.  We did nothing to make this happen except respond.  However we couldn’t have responded had he first not opened our heart.  Much like the Gospel, he chooses us.  All we can do is respond.  Irresistible Grace…there is no logical way to explain it.  However, we can’t respond until first our eyes are opened.  Only a Divine and Sovereign God could remove the scales from our eyes to see us in our own wretchedness.  We are blind and dead to Him without his intervention.  He has written His story on this little girl, we are merely unexpecting participants.  He plucked her out for His purpose where he would receive ALL of the glory.  We are humbled by His grace.



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