A Walk in the Park

This past week I once again traveled out to Salt Lake City, again for work (I attended the School Improvement Innovation Summit).  While I had hoped to do more hiking than I did, I was just so slammed with sessions and networking that I only got out for one hike – but it was a great one!

The last day I was there I had several free hours before my flight took off.  I had originally intended to climb Mount Olympus, but because I didn’t have a car and I woke up later than I originally intended I decided to set out for something closer.  I chose City Creek Canyon, which, to be honest, was a huge surprise to me.  Below are pictures beginning at a park in downtown Salt Lake City (literally 4 blocks from the State Capitol Rotunda).  You’ll see that the pictures begin in a well landscaped park.  I began by walking the nature trails, but, as you’ll see, after just a couple of miles I was deep into a canyon and I felt like I was out in the middle of no where!  Notice how at one point I’m on a trail walking in the canyon, and then the very next picture is where I turned around and was able to catch a glimpse of the sky scrapers from the city – only about 3 miles away!  All told my round-trip hike was somewhere in the 6-8 mile range (I forgot to turn on my GPS until I was well over half way home…), but it just amazed me that I was able to find such a beautiful area so close to downtown.  I literally never even stepped foot into an automobile (neither car nor bus nor taxi!) – I walked from my hotel in the heart of downtown to what felt like the wilderness.  It was a very enjoyable day!

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