Book Review: The Christian Lover by Michael A.G. Haykin

This book is an anthology of letters exchanged between husbands and wives from the earliest parts of the Reformation through this middle of the 20th Century.  The anthology contains letters written by both famous and common Christians going as far back as Martin Luther himself.

While the book certainly had some high spots that motivated me to be a better husband to my own wife (I’ll write more about some specifics in a different blog post), over all I found the book a little bit of a drag to read.  Most of the couples only had one or two letters (at best) included in the anthology.  The chapters I found most meaningful, though, were the ones containing multiple letters shared back and forth between the couple over time – such as those shared between Philip & Mercy Doddridge, Thomas & Sally Charles, and Helmuth & Freya von Moltke.  Reading the actual correspondence instead of just a single letter offered a better glimpse into the life of the couple and drew me into their particular story.  I wish the book would have included more letters by fewer authors (to allow me to get drawn into their story and learn from them) or included more letters on the couples it did include (the book is only 100 pages long, so adding more letters would not have made it too long to handle).

Over all, I’ll give this book only 2.5/5 stars simply because it could have been so much more than it was.  For the record, I did receive a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in return for an honest (though not necessarily favorable) review.


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