Happy Birthday, Chloe!

Today was Chloe’s 4th birthday – and what a day!  I have to hand it to Melissa for doing a wonderful job of making birthdays extra special for people.  Last night she was up late hanging streamers and balloons so that when Chloe woke up she was immediately immersed in celebration.

We’ve decided that on birthdays the birthday-person can choose what to do for the day and eat for the day (within reason).  Chloe today chose homemade pancakes for breakfast (over an offer to go get donuts!), then we went to see Cars 2 at the theatre, which was followed by lunch at Chick-fil-a, and then dinner tonight was her favorite: spaghetti.  All day she walked around with a smile from ear to ear, and even Celeste got caught up in the celebration.  Chloe knew the day was a celebration of her, yet she never got to the point that she thought too much of herself or considered herself more important than anyone else.  On the contrary, she wanted to share her presents with her sister and do “something fun” with everyone else in our family.  It was a testament to her giving and loving spirit, not to mention a wonderful testament to how she is being raised (which, practically speaking, means Melissa gets much more credit than I ever will since she’s the stay-at-home parent while I’m off at work all day).

It’s really hard to believe that four years has gone by since she was born.  Melissa actually pulled out her baby book and was showing her some pictures from the day she was born and I actually found myself reflecting that while I remember life before having kids, I have to think very hard to do so.  And there is nothing I would give to go back to that pre-parenthood life.  Happy Birthday to my little girl – the one who wants to sing and dance and be Ariel and Rappunzel and Jessie the Cow Girl all wrapped up into one!


One thought on “Happy Birthday, Chloe!

  1. Yes, children definitely add more of everything to your life – joys, sorrows, challenges, difficult choices, intentional times of nurturing and more! You are a great Dad and you deserve as much credit as Melissa in the parenting area. You choose to invest in Chloe & Celeste’s lives with the time that you have and it’s obvious how much your girls love you.

    Love you,

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