In Loving Memory of Erin Starr Feller (1979-1999)

On the right side of the screen you’ll see a link for SocialVibe and the charity Starlight Children’s Foundation.  In 1997 my younger sister Erin graduated high school and, shortly after, was diagnosed with bone cancer and eventually leukemia; she lost her battle against leukemia in 1999 and was buried December 24, 1999 (yes, Christmas Eve).  Six months before her death, however, the Starlight Children’s Foundation offered to grant a wish to my sister, which is why I have chosen (for now) to link to the Starlight Foundation as my charity for support.  Starlight paid for my sister, my parents, and me to fly to Alaska and take a 7 day Alaska cruise – something that none of us will ever forget.  It was one of the best vacations I have ever had, and some of the sweetest times Erin and I ever spent together were on that cruise (it was there I first learned to kayak – with her – off the face of a glacier near Juneau!)  People who follow the link and do the activities will allow a donation to be made to Starlight so other families going through tragic circumstances can experience what my family did in 1999.  Thank you, Starlight Children’s Foundation for all you did for my sister and my family.


3 thoughts on “In Loving Memory of Erin Starr Feller (1979-1999)

  1. Erin was my best friend. I love her with all my heart and think about her everyday. She taught me so much that is still with me. I am forever grateful for the time with her and her spirit is always alive and with me.

    • Kevin – I feel the same way you do, and soon I’ll do a much longer post telling her story. Earlier today Chloe was looking at the pictures in my wallet and asked me, “Daddy, who is that again?” It was a picture of Erin when we were hiking in Juneau, Alaska – one of the last ones I ever took of her. I have told Chloe about her Aunt Erin before and she knows that Aunt Erin lives with Jesus in Heaven, but it is hard for a four year old to wrap her mind around that truth – especially for someone she never met.

  2. I miss Erin all the time but it makes me happy to know she had a wish granted. I didn’t know. I missed those last days. I miss you all and think of you all.

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