Lifeway Worship Leadership Conference Arrival

I have just arrived at the Ridgecrest Conference Center outside Asheville, NC for the 2010 Lifeway Worship Leadership Conference. Over the next several days I am going to post daily updates on what I’m doing and learning. In addition to attending conference sessions, I have a few goals for the week:

1) Plan worship services for at least July, August, November, and December;
2) Plan the Christmas cantata rehearsal schedule;
3) Spend time in reflection, prayer, and personal study and communion with God;
4) Network with other music and worship leaders from other churches around the country;
5) Do some journaling and blogging.

I guess that’s a pretty tall order for a four day conference! My first session starts today in about 5 minutes, and then it’s pretty steady through Thursday evening. Please keep me in your prayers, as well as my wife and daughters since they are not here with me. I will try to get at least one more blog post done tonight after my sessions this evening and before I go to bed.


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