What's In A Name

Okay, so you’re probably wondering why I didn’t use the generic title of “Worship Matters” or “Thoughts on Worship” or “Worship Reflections” – or any other general title you can think of that would communicate the idea of general thoughts and reflections on worship and worship leading.  I chose the title I Respond to Jesus because it best communicates how I define worship.  This is something I will write about more in future posts, and it’s also a topic I’ve written about in previous posts (just click on the tag “Worship” and you’ll find multiple posts on this topic).

So let me just throw out my working definition of worship: Worship is how we respond to God as he’s revealed himself through is word.  Or, if you want it to be even shorter and simpler, Worship is how we respond to God.

This definition communicates two key truths: first, worship is God-initiated (hence, our response), and it is also God-focused (vs. me-focused or others-focused).  The question we need to ask about worship is not “What do I like?” but “What does God desire?”

Which leads us back to my blog title: I Respond to Jesus.  It reinforces the definition by continually reminding us that worship is both God-initiated and God-focused.


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