How Big is Your God?

Okay, I know that it’s mid-week and I only write these devotionals for the weekend newsletter, and this may develop into a full devotional, but I heard this quote in a sermon this past week by one of my previous pastors, Chris Goins, and I can’t get the darn thing out of my head (thanks, Pastor Chris!)…. I just have to share it (it’s from James Montgomery Boice):

We do not have a strong church today, nor do we have many strong Christians. We can trace the cause to an acute lack of sound spiritual knowledge. Why is the church weak? Why are individual Christians weak? It is because they have allowed their minds to become conformed to the “spirit of this age,” with its mechanistic, godless thinking. They have forgotten what God is like and what he promises to do for those who trust him. Ask an average Christian to talk about God. After getting past the expected answers you will find that his god is a little god of vacillating sentiments. He is a god who would like to save the world, but who cannot. He would like to restrain evil, but somehow he finds it beyond his power. So he has withdrawn into semi-retirement, being willing to give good advice in a grandfatherly sort of way, but for the most part he has left his children to fend for themselves in a dangerous environment.

Such a god is not the God of the Bible. Those who know their God perceive the error in that kind of thinking and act accordingly. The God of the Bible is not weak; he is strong. He is all-mighty. Nothing happens without his permission or apart from his purposes — even evil. Nothing disturbs or puzzles him. His purposes are always accomplished. Therefore, those who know him rightly act with boldness, assured that God is with them to accomplish his own desirable purposes in their lives. (if you’d like to read the quote in context click here.)

It’s really caused me to reflect on how I see God, and pray that I would see Him as He really is; it’s also caused me to reflect upon my own church and how we communicate God to others through our worship… It’s very convicting, and it’s driven me to spend some good time praying about it in the past several days. It actually reminds me of another one of my favorite quotes:

There is a God we want, and there is a God who is and they are not the same God. The turning point of our lives is when we stop seeking the God we want and start seeking the God who is. – Patrick Morley

Wow… I’m, not sure I have anything else to say right now…


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