Just Talking

Chloe has this thing with not wanting to talk when I pick her up from a baby sitter’s house (whether it’s my parents or a friend) on the way home. But today was different. She told me all about her day – when she went to Library Story Time, playing with one of her friends, eating Bama-doughnuts (Bama is my mother), etc., etc. Then tonight after dinner she wanted to sit in my lap and play Play-doh. So she did.

All evening she was in a good mood – wanted Melissa and I to sing to her and play piano, so we did. Then bed time came and she picked out a couple of stories, I picked out one, and after we read them and prayed it was time for me to leave her room. She told me her “feelings are hurt” because didn’t want me to “leave my room.” I told her it was time to go to bed and I left without any issues.

It’s just nice to have these types of evenings. Granted, most of the time Chloe is very well behaved and compliant, and more often than not the evenings are an enjoyable time, but there was something extra enjoyable about tonight. I think part of it was that she decided she wanted to talk on our way home from Bama and Papa’s.. And she just talked, and talked, and talked….


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