"I need a hug and a kiss".

A couple of weeks ago Chloe called me on the phone while I was on my way to work; when I answered the cell phone in my car she said, “I didn’t get to give you a hug and a kiss” then I could hear her give the phone to Melissa and she went running away from the phone.

So, being the sucker I am, I turned my car around and drove the 10 minutes back home to come give her a hug and a kiss.  Now everyday before I leave she says to me, “Daddy, I need a hug and a kiss”.  Someone asked me why I did it and I told them that I know one day in the future (which is probably still years down the road, but will feel like only tomorrow once it gets here) Chloe is not going to want either a hug or a kiss from her Daddy….  So I figure I better appreciate it while it happens.

It was funny because just a few days before that incident Melissa and I were at a conference together and one of the speakers (Gary Thomas, who’s one of my favorite authors) told the story of how he watched a father in a mall with his young daughter.  The little girl asked her father to carry her through the mall because she was tired, and the father just brushed it off and made her walk because he was tired, too.  Dr. Thomas then said, “I wish someone had told me the last time I held my daughter in the mall, ‘Gary, today is the last time you are going to do this’ because then I would have spent an extra long time carrying my little girl.”  I find there are plenty of things that just disappear..  For example, Chloe has always said “up-down” to mean “upside down” (as in, “Daddy, pick me up-down”).  Then all of a sudden two days ago we’re playing and she squeals to Melissa, “Mommy, put my upside down”.  It almost broke my heart!  I asked Melissa, “Since when does she say “upside down” instead of “updown”? and Melissa said, “I guess today..”

I’m sure there’s some spiritual connection in here somewhere, and this story will probably end up in a Grace Notes Devotional, but for now, this is where the story ends…

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