Marriage Conference Quotes (Issue 2.19)

Originally Written February 28, 2010

Yesterday Melissa and I attended a marriage conference in Knightdale.  The conference was actually a simulcast of one going on in Colorado Springs hosted by Focus on the Family.  Speakers included Francis Chan (author of Crazy Love and Forgetten God), Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott, Dr. Gary Chapman (author of The Five Love Languages), and Dr. Gary Thomas (author of Sacred Marriage), to name a few.  I figured I’d share some of the more thought provoking quotes from the conference and list them below.  While the context was marriage, many of these could apply to multiple areas in our lives.

“Ask yourself this question: do I spend more time thinking about my family or thinking about what God wants my family to do?” – Francis Chan

“Commands in scripture were not simply given to us to study and memorize.  It was given to us to actually do.” – Francis Chan

“The most important word for any relationship, but especially marriage, is forgiveness.” – Chelsea Cameron, quoting Dr. James MacDonald

“Forgiveness is releasing the person from the obligation created when they wronged you.” – Chelsea Cameron

“”Forgiveness is the Godly response to an apology.  It is choosing mercy and grace over justice.” – Dr. Gary Chapman

“We are never better off because of our sin.” – Dr. Gary Chapman

“A great marriage is not something we find but something we make.” – Dr. Gary Thomas (this could be said of a great job, a great choir, or a great church)

“What you and your spouse need to grow as a Christian is also what you need to grow as a couple.” – Dr. Gary Thomas

“It is through perseverance that the fruit of the Spirit takes root in our lives.” – Dr. Gary Thomas

“Just because something is difficult doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad.  If I run up a mountain I’m going to have trouble breathing.  My lack of breath doesn’t mean anything is wrong with me – it doesn’t mean I’m broken –  it just means I’m going through a difficult circumstance.  It’s the same in marriage.” – Dr. Gary Thomas (again, this could be applied to church, work, or any relationship we find ourselves in)

“Our power rests in our ability to meet the needs of our spouse.” – Dr. Julie Slattery

“Never look down at [anything], but always look up at the cross.” – Kirk Cameron

“Bitterness with anyone is a poison to any relationship I have.” – Stephen Kendrick


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