Thanksgiving 2009 (Issue 2.9)

Originally Written for 11/22/09

Every year I compile a list of things I’m thankful for.  So, here’s my annual list.  As always, these come in no particular order (except that in which they occur to me).  They are a combination of spiritual and less-than-spiritual.   I hope you can take time this week to make your own list.  You won’t understand everything, and that’s okay, but hopefully you’ll understand most of it.

God’s grace; mercy; forgiveness; a wonderful church home; a pastor who preaches the truth; a great choir; my wife and kids; babies who sleep through the night; poopy-in-the-potty days; a job I enjoy; having an impact on kids; free ice-cream days; Chik-fila; the “blue slide”; prayer partners; mentors; Christian parents; Christoff & Cosette; Sophie jumping on my lap; DVR; a new ipod; digital cameras; hard drive backups; good choir accompanists; cars that run; the mountains in fall; the mountains in summer; heck, the mountains all the time; day trips to the beach; “first airplane” days with Dave; eating out; eating at home; paper clips and staples (I use ‘em every day); washing machines and clothes dryers; Macintosh computers; laptops; healthy kids; getting over a cold; mint-chocolate brownies; 6th grade team meetings on Fridays; chocolate; family visits from out-of-town; visiting family out-of-town; electricity; furnaces and air conditioning units; kayaks; hugs from my little girl; smiles on my wife’s face; making steak on the grill; making burgers on the grill; the written word of God; small group Bible study; encouraging notes and emails from others; my bike – and the ability to ride it (even though I don’t do it nearly enough); walks in the morning; angels who protect me; a country where I can worship freely; volunteers who help out; a new desk; plants; all the flowers in the front yard; swings; parks; “elm park”; “new park”; waves out the sun roof; reading books; devotional time; a boss who lets me go home; music; calculators; comfy chairs; accidents where no one gets hurt; gas in the car; wonderful secretaries; second chances (and third/fourth/fifth chances, too!); cheap dog food from Sams; freezers and a new fridge; vacuum cleaners; rugs; couches; guitars; pianos; drums; singing with my family at night; dinner together; jobs I enjoy; answered prayer; Anderson going home; grandma’s and grandpa’s; walks in the woods; walking sticks; backpacks; recovered pictures off broken hard drives; ebay; email (but not voice mail); Google Reader; blogs;; Pastor Chris; Mark Driscoll; different points-of-view; reaching consensus; “the process”; social-emotional learning theory; How Children Learn Music; CBS;; Powerpoint; David doing the slides; soloists who say “Yes”; small groups of singers;; a system that works; fixing a system that doesn’t work; SROs; playing in the yard; running in the park; kites; Blue Ridge Parkway; visiting Virginia; friends to stay with; telephones (though the jury is still out on cell phones); teachers; Christian education; grace periods; the ability to learn; free newspapers online; saving money; leading worship; flashlight books; big-girl beds; new sheets; new clothes; shoes; clean clothes; oatmeal for breakfast; promises fulfilled; promises to look forward to.


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