Please stay, Daddy

Okay, I gotta admit, this is the hard part – knowing when to draw the line.  My 2 year old is the sweetest little thing, and she loves her Daddy, but we’re trying to learn when to do the right thing.  For example, tonight when I put her to bed we laid in her bed and read stories, then after we turned off the light she asked me to stay with her, so I laid there and she talked non-stop for a good 15 minutes.  When it was time for me to go (and I had warned her I was leaving “at the end of the next song on your lullaby CD), she rolled over and put her arms over my chest to try and hold me down and sad, “No, Daddy stay.”  Then when I left she held her arms up in the “Pick me up” pose and just said, “Please, Daddy, stay in bed.” 

It breaks my heart because I want to stay with her when she asks, but I also want her to learn that there is a time to go to sleep and when sleep time comes then it’s time for sleep.  Anyone else ever feel this way? 


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