Commitment (Issue 2.1)

Originally Written for 9/13/09

To those who attended the cook out at our house a couple of weeks ago, it was great to see you as a group again and finally have you all over.  For those unable to make it, know that you were missed, but we will have other opportunities to come together for fellowship.

As we begin a new year together, I want to take a few moments to remind us of some things.  First, please remember that membership in choir is a commitment, and I hope you see it as such.  Obviously things happen and we miss rehearsals or services (I’ve been sick for the past week!), but please work hard to make those things exceptions rather than the rule.  When you are absent it affects all of us.  If you feel unprepared to sing on a particular Sunday because you missed rehearsal the previous week, please take the initiative to sit in the congregation that week so as not to distract others who have worked so hard.

On a similar note, it is important that everyone be on time so rehearsals can start promptly and we can learn what we need to learn in the time we have.  I am asking that this year everyone make an effort to in your seats and ready by 5:10 instead of 5:15.  Only five extra minutes every week will give us a combined hour of rehearsal over the course of three months – and you’ll notice from the Nursery schedule that every month we will have a Sunday off, so please make every effort to be here on time when we do meet.

Next, for a variety of reasons, Cheryl has had to step down as our choir librarian, so I am looking for another volunteer to assist in this area of the ministry.  If you are interested let me know – it’s not a hard job, but it is important.

Finally, when it comes to serving, if you are willing and able to assist with nursery supervision it would be greatly appreciated.  I’ve done a schedule for the fall, but I can always add someone to it (or remove your name if you no longer can assist). Please see me.

Let’s make this the best year yet!


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