Prayer Discipline (Issue 1.22)

Originally Written for 2/22/09

One of the most wonderful things happened today…

We sat down to dinner, Chloe in her high-chair and Melissa and I sitting where we normally do, and we were getting ready for Melissa to begin cutting up the pizza slice into “Chloe-sized” pieces.  All of a sudden Chloe shouted (yes, literally shouted, in a very, um, shall we say “disciplinary” kind of way) “Daddy!” and then “Mommy!”  I looked over at her and she was holding out her hands – one to each of us.

She was making sure we didn’t forget to pray before we ate our dinner.

I reached across the table, grabbed one hand, Melissa took the other one, and then Melissa and I grabbed hands to complete our circle and we prayed.  At the end, Chloe said (as she almost always does), “Amen” and then was ready to eat.

To be honest, it just made the evening that much more special.  She knows we pray before meals, and if we pray without her she always wants to join in – sometimes she eats a little earlier than us, so we pray with her, then Melissa and I sit down 10-15 minutes later and pray for our meal and she will stop eating and join hands again.  I know she doesn’t understand what it means, but she knows we take a few minutes before we eat, grab hands, and mommy or daddy says some words, then we follow it by all saying “Amen”.

And if it brings joy to my heart to see and hear my little girl make sure she prays, how much more joy must it bring to the heart of my Father to have his son speak to him in prayer?  God calls us to pray to him – he practically begs us to pray to him – and yet too often we don’t.

I think I shared this in a past devotional, but I’ve recently been using my morning drive to work for extended prayer.  I pray about a lot of things, and specific locations along my route remind me to pray for specific needs/people (for example, as I passed the hospital every day this week I was reminded to pray for Anderson and the Smiths), and I can’t begin to tell you the difference it makes in my day.  It’s not all a laundry list of requests, either, and it’s not all me talking, sometimes I listen and just sit in his presence, at other times I’ll be singing a song of praise.

It’s just nice to spend the first portion of the day with Him.  I hope and pray that Chloe learns that prayer is more than just some “magic words” we say before we eat.  I hope she learns it allows us to enter the throne room of the  creator of the universe and talk to Him.


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