The "Great God of Men" (Grace Notes Issue 1.13)

Originally Written for 11/16/08

Cross Posted on Grace Notes

I’m reading a book entitled Worship Evangelism that deals with over-all issues of worship and how to plan and execute worship services to reach different audiences.  The last two chapters deal with understanding the stylistic differences between generations and how to plan worship that appeals to each generation individually; the next chapter in the book will address issues of planning trans-generational (or inter-generational) worship services.

A couple of the chapters are transcripts of interviews by the author of various church leaders across the country, and one church leader made the following comment: “Busters [those born between 1964-1983] aren’t looking for the great men of God.  Rather, they’re looking for the great God of men….[we] are building a bridge for them to relate to [us] and the Lord.”

Wow!  I think we could broaden that to include everyone – isn’t everyone looking for the “Great God of men”?   I want to take us back to the first several devotionals presented in Grace Notes.  I expressed in those articles some of my vision for worship in general and, specifically, how the choir fits into that vision.  If you remember, I wrote that we are all worship leaders in the service – each and every one of us.  Granted, I have the official “title” during the service, but we all play a part.  The congregation, whether they realize it or not, looks not just to me but also looks to you for leadership in the service.

Last week I had a conversation in which I was asked “How do you view your job at Landmark in the worship service?”  I responded that part of my job, which I take very seriously, is to usher people into the presence of God so they can interact personally with Him during the service.  That should goal should belong to each of us, for we’re all leaders.

People don’t come to church for us (if they do they’re coming for the wrong reasons and we’re doing something wrong).  People come to experience God – to worship Him, listen to Him, and respond to Him.  Our job, yours and mine, is to lead them into that worship experience.  We are the ones “building a bridge for them to relate to…the Lord.”  Remember, they want to see the “Great God of men.”  The best way to lead is not by telling, but showing.  The best way to lead people into worship is to let them see us worshiping.

How do you build the bridge for worshipers at LBC?  It’s a question worth answering.  Think and pray about it this week – and let the people see you worship every week.


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