It's Just Life for Cubs Fans… (Issue 1.7)

Originally Written for 10/5/08

Well, the week started off good – I mean really good.  It was the first time in 102 years that both the Chicago Cubs and White Sox were playing in the post season at the same time.  The Cubs finished the year with the best record in the national league and the Sox clinched it in a tie-breaking game against the Minnisota Twins on Monday night.  Not only that, it has been exactly 100 years since the Cubs last won the World Series.  The buzz in Chicago for months has been the possibility of a Subway Series, and now we were just one step closer.

Monday evening I watched the end of the Sox game and then turned on WGN to see the Chicago evening news.  Of course they were interviewing fans at the local bars around Cellular Field, and one guy struck me as a little strange.  If you’re not from Chicago, New York, or LA, you may not understand the rivalry in the city between both baseball teams, but it’s fierce.  And people don’t just cheer on either team since they’re both from the same city.  No – absolutely not.  You are either a Cubs fan or a Sox fan, but you can’t be both.  If you’re from NY you’re either a Mets fan or a Yankees fan, and if you’re from LA it’s either the Dodgers or the Angels.  But never both.

Except this guy…  One of the guys at the bar was talking about how excited he was the Sox were going to the post-season – with all the regular “We’ve been waiting for years” and stuff.  Only one thing was wrong: he was wearing a Cubs baseball cap.  Poor guy, he wants to cheer for the right team, but someone he found himself on the wrong side of town with the wrong clothes on.  I sure hope he made it home okay…

All too often I feel like I do the same thing, though.  Not about Baseball – I’ve got that straight.  In fact, Chloe already has more Cubs attire than I do – I keep claiming the verse in Proverbs that says, “Raise up a child in the way they should go and they will not depart from it.”  (Didn’t you realize that applies to baseball teams?)

No, where I mess up too often is in my testimony.  People know I’m a Christian because I tell ‘em, or because they know I serve on staff at a church, or because they hear it from others around them.  But I sometimes catch myself talking about or acting in ways that probably aren’t very Christ like.  It’s like wearing a Cubs hat on the south side in Soxtown.  The man’s clothes proclaimed allegiance to the truth, but his words were from the enemy.

Ever find yourself in the same situation?  You treat the cashier at the store poorly because you’re in a bad mood, only to realize you had on the Christian tie they could see.  Or maybe you cut off someone on the road or slowed down and refused to let them pass…only to remember you have the fish on the back of your car.  Maybe it’s the person at work you’ve been inviting to church for a year and last Monday you were gossiping and realized he overheard you.

Paul tells us we are ambassadors for Christ, which means we represent Him to everyone we come in contact with.  I need to remember that more often and start treating people as Christ treated them.

Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know, but I need God’s Spirit to constantly remind me that I’m witnessing whether I am thinking about it or not – which means I need to be thinking about it more often.

How about you?


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